What is Frax 1550 Laser Treatment?

The Frax 1550 Laser is the newest in skin resurfacing technology. This innovative tool is a fractional non-ablative laser with high clinical efficiency to allow for more powerful skin rejuvenation by creating tiny columns of energy in the skin and thereby eliminating old pigmented cells and stimulating new collagen.

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How Does the Frax 1550 Laser Work?

Frax 1550 offers a more advanced system of non-ablative laser treatments. This unique technology allows the pulse time and energy to be set independently so the width and depth of thermal damage can be controlled. This allows the procedure to be customized to each patient’s unique needs to minimize damage and maximize results. Combined with the built-in SoftCool air cooling system and magnetic motion roller, the smart design of the Frax 1550 laser helps to ensure patient comfortability and precision control during the entire procedure.

What Are the Benefits of the Frax 1550 Laser?

The new Frax 1550 laser is an exceptional, easy-to-use non-ablative laser that can be used for the following:

  • Treatment of stretch marks
  • Treatment of acne and acne scars
  • Treatment of surgical scars
  • Treatment of skin texture
  • Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles


Frax 1550 is a minimal downtime procedure performed in the office. After the skin is cleansed, a topical anesthetic is applied to the skin for 30-60 minutes. Once the skin is ready, the treatment will take 30-60 minutes depending on the area treated. There is mild discomfort and warmth during the treatment as the energy is applied. After the treatment, the skin is cooled and sunscreen is applied. It is recommended to minimize sun exposure after treatment to enhance results. The skin may remain pink for a day or two after the treatment depending on the settings used.

Typically a series of four to six treatments are recommended initially spaced approximately one month apart. A yearly maintenance treatment may also be recommended.

Woman with beautiful skin after visiting SkinScience in Pleasant Hill, CA


The Light & Bright treatment is an exciting new aesthetic treatment that can remove dark spots, reduce redness, and improve textural irregularities via skin resurfacing. The treatment combines two advanced technologies found on the Nordlys system. Light & Bright treatment uses both a patented intense pulsed light (IPL) technology called Ellipse IPLTM and a Frax 1550TM laser on the face and chest areas to rejuvenate your skin. The treatment does not break the skin, so the downtime is minimal.

Woman with beautiful skin after visiting SkinScience in Pleasant Hill, CA

Your NORDLYS results will depend upon the type of issue you would like to improve, as well as the extent of your needs. While every patient reacts differently to FRAX 1550 treatment, most individuals can see significant improvement in skin tone and texture after a few sessions.

  • First 3 days: the skin will look red and possibly swollen. Your skin may appear dehydrated and become dry. To keep the skin healthy during this period, you’ll want to stay hydrated and avoid itching. Your provider will give you more specific instructions on how to care for your skin following the NORDLYS FRAX 1550 treatment.
  • Days 4 – 6: The redness and swelling should start to decrease, though your skin may still look a little dry. Use the recommended skincare regimen offered by your provider to help achieve the best and fastest healing process.
  • Day 7+: At this point, your skin might be a little pink and flaky. You can cover this with a mineral make-up or a tinted SPF.

If you go outside, you’ll want to be careful about exposing your skin to the sun. Always wear your SPF and wear a wide-brimmed hat for ultimate protection.

The results of treatment are both immediate and progressive. Soon after the treatment, the surface of your skin will feel softer, look brighter and show more even tone. The next 3 to 6 months will bring more improvement as the deeper layers of the skin continue to heal. Stimulation of new collagen growth; the new collagen is generated in the skin which remains for a lifetime. Brown spots can recur should you be getting excessive sun exposure. 4-6 treatments recommended for optimal results.

Woman with beautiful skin after visiting SkinScience in Pleasant Hill, CA


Do not use the following products 5 days before or 5 days after your treatment [or until pinkness has subsided): Retin-A, retinoids, or similar vitamin A compounds, harsh scrubs or exfoliating products and bleaching creams, unless instructed otherwise by your provider. Darker skin types may need to start a topical bleaching cream 4 weeks prior to treatment.

  • Avoid tanning or prolonged sun exposure 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after treatment. Sun may cause adverse reactions, as well as make your pigmentation worse.
  • Apply your Post-Treatment skin regimen suggested by your provider 2 times a day or as needed for at least 5 days after treatment. Drinking plenty of water will also assist in skin dryness.
  • Apply SPF the day after treatment and re-apply every 2 hours for incidental sun exposure such as driving.
  • The next day cleanse the treated area with gentle tepid warm water. Apply cleanser to fingertips with water in a gentle motion. Do not use a washcloth or scrubs. Use the gentle cleanser until the skin is healed.
  • Although extremely rare, a blister may appear, if so please call the office to let us know.
  • Avoid Botox at least 1 week prior to treatment.
  • Avoid Dermal Fillers at least 2 weeks prior to treatment and 2 weeks after treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores ask your doctor about an antiviral prescription and use as directed.
  • You are not a candidate if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on topical or oral antibiotics.

What to expect:

  • Swelling: can last 4-6 days in rare cases longer and will often appear worse the second day after the procedure. Try and sleep elevated on a few pillows the first night if possible.
  • Apply cool compresses, every hour for 10 minutes, while awake, for 24-48 hours post procedure (ex: washcloth soaked in ice water, ice packs, frozen gel mask).
  • Try to avoid alcohol and excess salt the first 24 hours to reduce swelling.
  • Redness: can be covered up with makeup the day after treatment if desired, slight redness can remain up to 1 week and longer in rare cases.
  • Dry Skin: the skin will flake and feel dry as a normal result of this procedure. This should resolve within 1 week and longer in rare cases. Apply your Post-Treatment topicals as needed. If dryness persists you may also apply Cerave PM Lotion which you can purchase over the counter.
  • Excessive scabbing, pain or pustules should be reported to the office right away. You may take Arnica to alleviate some swelling prior to treatment. You may purchase it at reception. Take as directed.

Healing times may vary patient to patient. Please call the office with any concerns.


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