If you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past through fad diets and hardcore exercise, we are happy to introduce medical weight loss. At our medical spa we offer semaglutide in Pleasant Hill, which has shown considerable potential in helping patients maintain their weight over the long run.
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What Exactly Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a new innovative way to control weight through the medication known as semaglutide. Injectable semaglutide is a version of the naturally occurring hormone known as glucagon-like peptide 1 or GLP-1, which controls hunger as well as metabolism and the overall energy balance in the body.

Semaglutide has been demonstrated to lower body weight by an average of 16% in as little as four months when it is provided as part of a complete weight-loss regimen.

To assist you in accomplishing your objectives, we will give you the resources required, such as medical direction, nutritional advice, and assistance in making changes to your way of life in order to achieve your weight loss goals through medical treatment.

How Effective Is Semaglutide for Weight Loss?

Semaglutide has been shown to be a highly successful weight reduction therapy that is both safe and effective. Those who used semaglutide in Pleasant Hill for the treatment of obesity lost an average of 16% of their body weight in only four months, according to the findings of multiple clinical trials. This is a huge improvement above what might be accomplished only by proper nutrition and physical activity.

We at Skinscience Medical Aesthetics are aware that the process of losing weight is different for each individual and calls for individualized attention because of this. In order for you to effectively accomplish your objectives, the knowledgeable members of our staff are here to provide you with the assistance and guidance you need at each stage of the process.

Advantages of Using Semaglutide for Weight Loss

Semaglutide is a weight reduction medication that has been shown to be both safe and effective through clinical testing. In addition to assisting you in achieving your ideal body weight, semaglutide may also assist you in improving other aspects of your health, including lowering your chance of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even certain forms of cancer.


Who is a candidate for medical weight loss treatments?

Semaglutide in Pleasant Hill might be the solution for you if you have tried to lose weight via diet and exercise alone but have not been successful. By analyzing your medical history, the practices of your lifestyle, and your current health state, our medical staff is able to assist you in determining whether or not semaglutide is the treatment option that best meets your needs.

How often are semaglutide injections done?

This type of medical weight loss treatment is an injection that is given once per week. You are free to take it in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening—whatever time of day is most convenient for you. That said, our experts will develop the appropriate plan for you during your consultation.

How long does it take to see results from semaglutide?

Depending on the person and their weight reduction objectives, semaglutide might take different amounts of time to start working. The majority of patients who use Semaglutide will experience effects within 3–4 months of beginning treatment.

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